Shiprock, NM – Today, New Mexicans for Michelle announced the endorsement of 11 Navajo Nation chapters and 50 Diné leaders for Michelle Lujan Grisham in her run for governor. The announcement signals strong support for Michelle Lujan Grisham from tribal communities and follows the endorsement of nine tribes and pueblos. She remains the only gubernatorial candidate to have earned an endorsement from a tribe, pueblo, or Navajo Nation chapter.

“I support Michelle Lujan Grisham to be the next Governor of New Mexico simply because she is the best chance my grandchildren have to a reasonably good life in their future. The candidates that are financed by big oil and the energy industry seem to have no concept of the damage they are doing to the Earth and thus the future of our coming generations. We need people in the highest offices that will do all necessary to protect the Earth for the sake of our grandchildren.” – Duane Chili Yazzie, Shiprock Chapter President


“Michelle has always been so down to earth about her work with our Diné people. New Mexico is proud of its multi-cultural history and she will work to protect our Native languages. She knows our state well enough to where she can come to every level in dealing with the matters and decisions that would best fit all New Mexicans. Michelle can be our voice, our advocate for job creation, apprenticeships, investments in tourism, bringing broadband to our rural areas, and working with Navajo chapters to develop alternative energy projects. Michelle knows us, and she will wake up every day ready to work hard for my people. Greed and politicking come last in her book. That’s what I like about her. She has my support.” – Rita Capitan, Crownpoint Chapter President


“Michelle Lujan Grisham understands our problems on the Navajo Nation and she will be a fighter for our veterans. Not only can she horseback ride but she is unafraid to take on the greatest challenges of our state. A leader is someone who can bring people together. Michelle will make a fine Governor. My family and I are proud to be standing with her.” – Raphael Martin, Pinedale Chapter President


“Michelle Lujan Grisham respects and will protect the sovereignty of my community. She believes in local control and supporting Tribal Nations as a partner. We need a governor who will work with the smallest communities to create sustainable change. I believe Michelle will work with us to build up our infrastructure, construct more veteran homes, extend water and electric lines, and re-shift resources to the most rural areas of New Mexico. She has my full support because we need new leadership for our state.”  –  Cecil Lewis, Baca-Prewitt Chapter President


“Michelle Lujan Grisham will be a governor who will transform our education system to ensure every Native child is supported in the classroom. Our educational challenges are huge for our state, so we need a leader who believes in working alongside tribal nations to retain our teachers, build new schools, improve school bus roadways, and invest in early childhood education. I believe she will be that governor. Her focus on improving education for our students and supporting our veterans and seniors aligns with our beliefs as people because we honor our warriors, elders and our young people. Standing behind Michelle means a new hope and more opportunities for New Mexico.” –  Sherylene Yazzie, Coyote Canyon Chapter Vice President

The following Navajo Nation Chapters have passed resolutions endorsing Michelle Lujan Grisham for governor:

  • Church Rock
  • Shiprock
  • Bááhááli
  • Tsé Daa Kaan
  • Pueblo Pintado
  • Baca Prewitt
  • Counselor
  • Tsé Ya Toh
  • Coyote Canyon
  • Tó Hajiiléé
  • Chichiltah

The following Diné  leaders have endorsed Michelle in her campaign:

  • President Peterson Zah
  • Buu Nygren, Vice Presidential Candidate  
  • Senator John Pinto, World War II Code Talker
  • State Representative D. Wonda Johnson, House Majority Caucus Chair
  • Al Henderson, Diné Chamber of Commerce
  • Virginia Ballenger, Navajo Businesswoman
  • Karen Bedonie, Navajo Businesswoman
  • Sharlene Begay-Platero, Navajo Businesswoman
  • Victoria Begay, Navajo Businesswoman
  • Carol Bowman, McKinley County Commissioner
  • Genevieve Jackson, McKinley County Commissioner
  • Zachariah George, Mr. Navajo & Community Leader
  • Eugenia Charles-Newton, Shiprock Community Leader
  • Charlaine Tso, Red Mesa Community Leader
  • Anthony Allison, HD4 Candidate & Shiprock Community Leader
  • Julius Elwood, Standing Rock Community Leader
  • Rita Capitan, Crownpoint Chapter President
  • Jamie Henio, Ramah Chapter Vice President
  • Priscilla Manuelito, Thoreau Community Leader
  • Marion John, Shiprock Community Leader
  • Eva B. Stokely, Navajo Education Leader
  • Dineh Benally, Shiprock Farm Board President
  • Mike Begay, Tó Hajiléé President
  • Jacqueline Platero, Tó Hajiléé Vice President
  • Harrison Plummer, Coyote Canyon President
  • Sherylene Yazzie, Coyote Canyon Vice President
  • Duane Chili Yazzie, Shiprock President
  • Nevina Kinlahcheeny, Shiprock Vice President
  • Dr. J. Jaibah Begay, Shiprock Secretary-Treasurer
  • Walter Hudson, Tsé Ya Toh President
  • Sarphina Blackgoat, Tsé Ya Toh Secretary-Treasurer
  • Johnnie Henry Jr., Church Rock President
  • Sherman Woody, Church Rock Vice President
  • Louise Jim, Church Rock Secretary-Treasurer
  • Donald Arviso, Church Rock Land Board Member
  • Rena Murphy, Pueblo Pintado President
  • Erlene Henderson, Pueblo Pintado Vice President
  • Rhea Murphy-Willeto, Pueblo Pintado Secretary-Treasurer
  • Reichell N. Salt, Tse Daa K'aan Secretary-Treasurer
  • Harry Domingo Sr., Counselor President
  • Laura Lopez, Counselor Vice President
  • Damien Augustine, Counselor Secretary-Treasurer
  • Benjamin Livingston, Baahaali Vice President
  • David M. Emerson, Baahaali Secretary-Treasurer
  • Cecil Lewis, Baca-Prewitt President
  • Norma James, Baca-Prewitt Vice President
  • Cindy Howe, Baca-Prewitt Secretary-Treasurer
  • Rapheal Martin, Marine Veteran & Pinedale Chapter President
  • Clara J. Daye, Pinedale Vice President
  • Dorothy Harjo, Pinedale Secretary-Treasurer