Albuquerque NM – Steve Pearce, who has spent the last several months putting millions behind a campaign built on false attacks against Michelle Lujan Grisham, has been paying Anissa Ford, the disgraced former Susana Martinez staffer, over $90,000 using both campaign and taxpayer funds over the last year. This is after court documents revealed that Steve Peare has worked closely with Ford in lobbying for the commutation of felon Jamie Estrada’s sentence in what was perhaps the biggest cyber-theft case to hit New Mexico.

“Steve Pearce has been making ridiculous allegations of corruption against Michelle for months, but he has been the one trying to use his political office to get a convicted felon a reduced sentence. At the same time he’s been spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars and even more campaign funds paying someone at the center of one of New Mexico’s biggest political criminal scandals in recent history, someone who supported felony theft in order to settle her political scores,” said New Mexicans for Michelle Communications Director James Hallinan. “If this is what Pearce has out in the open, in public record, it’s hard to imagine what corruption he must be trying to hide by concealing his tax and business records.”

In 2015 Ford worked closely with Pearce’s office to help out her friend in felony theft. Pearce was “willing to work with any one willing to help Jamie and get to the AG and or President."

Rather than do the work of representing his constituents, Pearce was using his political capital to support his political cronies.

The next year, Ford was renamed a defendant in a lawsuit after it was revealed that she had key knowledge of the crime.  Evidence from the case “clarifies that Ms. Ford was Estrada’s confidante and that Ford was the only person who knew that Estrada had taken control of the Susana2010 email domain.”

And in 2017, Steve Pearce brought Ford on to serve simultaneously on his campaign and Congressional staff.

During the 2010 campaign, Ford also assisted Susana Martinez in illegally using her public office as District Attorney to spy on supporters of her opponent.