Las Cruces, NM - The Las Cruces Sun-News, the largest newspaper in the Congressional district Steve Pearce has represented for seven terms, has endorsed Michelle Lujan Grisham for governor. The Sun-News praised Michelle’s vision for New Mexico and detailed plans, determining that Michelle is “a leader who can bring people together and find pragmatic solutions that will last for the long term.”

The Sun-News Contrasted Michelle’s plan with Steve Pearce’s, writing that “instead of simply laying out aspirational goals, [Michelle’s] plan explains the specific steps to be taken to achieve those goals.” The newspaper also praised her transparency and accountability: “Lujan Grisham is letting voters know just what they are getting if they select her. It will allow us to hold her accountable in the future if she strays from the plan, or is unable to accomplish what she has proposed.”

Noting Steve Pearce’s deep ties in the district, the Sun-News expressed concern that “as a member of the Freedom Caucus while in the House, Pearce too often took unyielding stances that helped contribute to the dysfunction of Congress,” and that his stances “are out of step with the state at large.”