Albuquerque, NM -- Yesterday, Business Insider released a new ranking of states' economies based on the unemployment rate, job growth, per-capita GDP, GDP growth, average weekly wages, and wage growth. Once again, New Mexico found itself amongst the worst in the nation. All the while, Congressman Steve Pearce – nearly a year after announcing his run for governor – has yet to release a plan to create jobs or improve the economy.

In response to the new rankings and Steve Pearce’s deafening silence, New Mexicans for Michelle Deputy Campaign Manager Victor Reyes released the following statement. 

“New Mexico is at a crossroads. More than ever we need a governor who is committed to fighting tooth and nail to create jobs and economic opportunities for all New Mexicans. That's why Michelle has put forward two detailed plans about how we can jumpstart our economy to create jobs immediately and build long-term economic growth across New Mexico. In addition, she’s developed a robust plan to build a skilled and adaptable workforce to meet employers' demands and help us attract new business. Michelle is serious about getting results for New Mexico families struggling to make ends meet. 

"A year after announcing his campaign for governor, Steve Pearce has yet to release anything that could even be mistaken for a plan to create jobs. In fact, he hasn’t released a plan for how he would achieve anything — period. He’s relied on campaign talking points, tv ads, and an unequivocal record of supporting Donald Trump and his efforts to help well-connected corporations while New Mexico families struggle to survive. People want solutions, not sound bites. We simply can’t afford another governor that puts New Mexico’s economy on the back burner."