Build New Mexico is a four-step roadmap that lays the groundwork for supporting a 21st century economy and giving New Mexico the foundation for a solid economic future. Additional details can be found here.

Jumpstart New Mexico includes 10 specific job-creation proposals that Michelle Lujan Grisham will pursue during the first months of her administration. Additional details can be found here.

You can read the full plan here.

Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign plan will create jobs and generate revenue for schools through methane mitigation by implementing a statewide methane rule that would cut waste and pollution at both new and existing oil and gas wells while creating jobs and generating revenue for schools.

Please see the full plan here.

New Mexico is at an energy crossroads, and all signs point in one direction-New Mexico must forge ahead and become a leader in clean, renewable energy. We have some of the nation’s best wind energy resources, and 300 sunny days in many parts of the state. As the US reneges on its climate commitments, foreign countries and other states are seizing the opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and build the clean energy economies of the future. New Mexico must do the same.

You can find a copy of the full plan here
New Mexico must establish itself as a player in the global economy.  The current administration’s short-sighted approach has put New Mexico far behind our neighboring states in terms of growth, exports, and investment.  

Recent tragedies here in New Mexico and across the United States clearly demonstrate that we need sensible gun reform. Gun violence is a public health crisis in New Mexico.

Read the full plan for A New Direction for New Mexico Public Schools here
Under the Martinez administration, New Mexico schools have suffered from a lack of investment, failed leadership and a punitive testing-first evaluation system.  We are failing our kids and need a new direction for our public education system.

Please find the full policy here.

As governor, my top priority will be jobs – keeping the jobs we have, growing new, better paying jobs and remaining competitive in our changing, global economy. We are hard-working, talented people and our state’s quality of life makes New Mexico an ideal place to run a business, build a life and raise a family. But since the Great Recession, our economy has stalled.  Our recovery has been slow, partly because of the unique challenges that come from years of underinvestment. High poverty rates, high unemployment figures, limited job creation, poor education and training rates, and brain drain all undermine efforts to create new jobs and a modern workforce.

Please find a PDF version of the policy here. Read Michelle's op-ed on her plan here.

To rent a house, get a job, legally drive, enroll in school and even vote in some cities require a valid government-issued photo identification.

Please find the full plan to tackle the opioid epidemic in New Mexico here.

Fighting the opioid epidemic will be one of my first priorities as governor. Opioid addiction is ruining lives and communities across New Mexico. It destroys families, contributes to child neglect and abuse, increases crime, and hurts our economy. My plan offers a comprehensive strategy that invests in prevention, and treatment, increases access to drugs that can counteract overdoses and save lives, and holds accountable those who overprescribe these drugs and get people hooked.

Like many Western states, New Mexico is experiencing a drought with no end in sight as water from the mountains continue to decline. New Mexico’s future depends on a reliable supply of water and for too long, we have taken a disjointed approach to how we meet the state’s growing demand for water.  As governor, water management will become a priority for our state’s agriculture, families and economic development. By working together, we can avoid crisis and ensure everyone has access to the safe, reliable water today, and in the future.