Recent tragedies here in New Mexico and across the United States clearly demonstrate that we need sensible gun reform. Gun violence is a public health crisis in New Mexico.

  • Nearly four hundred New Mexicans die each year from firearm injury, giving our state a firearm injury death rate 50% above the US average.

  • New Mexico ranks 47th in the country with one of the worst rates of death caused by suicide, a majority of which involve firearms.

  • In addition to the horrific impact gun violence has on victims, their families and communities, gun violence increases health care costs and can have a significant economic impact on communities.

Other states have shown that we can improve gun laws and prevent injuries and deaths while maintaining robust protections for responsible gun-owners using weapons for self-protection, hunting and other forms of recreation.  Michelle respects New Mexico’s culture and knows that We can protect second amendment rights while we make our children and families safer from gun violence. As Governor, Michelle will make this her mission.

This is not about politics. This is about protecting the New Mexicans’ lives, ensuring that every child can feel safe at school, and creating safer communities across our state. Michelle has and will continue to advocate for sensible gun laws through the remainder of her term in Congress, and promises to work every day as your governor to reduce violence and keep our communities safe.

She knows what it takes to stand up for our safety. Michelle has cosponsored key gun-control measures and joined part in a 26-hour congressional sit-in to demand action on gun violence. New Mexico needs a governor who understands these issues and will work every day with the legislature, law enforcement, and state agencies to help combat gun violence. As governor Michelle will take action to:

  • Pass a state-wide ban on semiautomatic assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

  • Support and pass legislation to strengthen background checks. A check should be required upon private transfer of a firearm. While background checks are currently required when licensed firearms dealers sell a weapon, the law should be changed to require checks upon private transfer of a gun as well as on online and gun-show sales.

  • Ban anyone convicted of domestic violence and stalking misdemeanors from purchasing a firearm. 85% of female homicide victims in New Mexico are killed as the result of a domestic violence incident, and nearly half are killed by guns. I will work with New Mexico’s legislature to update our laws and prevent domestic abusers from purchasing firearms.

  • Require registered firearms owners to report the loss and/or theft of a gun to law enforcement. These laws will help deter “straw purchases” and illegal trafficking.

  • Support an Extreme Risk Protective Order that would allow for emergency court orders when family members or law enforcement are concerned that a person may harm themselves or others. In at least 42 percent of mass-shootings, the attacker has shown warning signs. An analysis has shown that Connecticut’s law has helped prevent 72 suicides.

  • Follow 28 other states in enacting Child Access Prevention laws to encourage the safe storage of firearms and reduce accidental gun death.

  • Work with law enforcement to address gun violence. Specifically, we will partner with sheriffs and police forces to implement “focused-deterrence” strategies that effectively target previous offenders and dangerous individuals.

  • Direct the New Mexico Department of Health to work with stakeholders to conduct an in-depth study on the most effective measures that can be taken at the state level to further reduce death and injury from gun violence, including suicides. By studying other states’ solutions, the body of academic research, and New Mexico’s particular challenges, this research will help us reduce gun violence, injury, and death in New Mexico.

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