Ahead of Women’s Equality Day, Michelle Lujan Grisham and Howie Morales released their plan to ensure safety, equality, opportunity and the health of all New Mexico women. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Howie Morales have both spent their careers in public service fighting for New Mexico women. Read the full plan here.

“New Mexico women are at the heart of our families, our communities, and our businesses. While we’ve overcome incredible obstacles on the path towards equality, we still face challenges that must be addressed in order to guarantee a safer and brighter future for our families and economy,” said Michelle Lujan Grisham. “Our plan will put the women, and men, of our state on a path to safety from domestic and gun violence, protection from discrimination, and make healthcare accessible for all New Mexico women.”

“I couldn’t be prouder to stand with Michelle as we release our plan to empower New Mexico women across our state as they face unfair challenges, obstacles and public safety risks,” said Howie Morales. “As a father, I couldn’t be more committed to a future where no woman has to fear for my daughter’s safety, experience discrimination, or face barriers to accessing necessary healthcare.”

The plan focuses on five key areas. You can view the full plan here.

  • Fighting gender discrimination with pregnancy accommodation, strong harassment and discrimination protections, and diligent equal pay enforcement with state agencies and vendors.

  • Building economic security and opportunities by supporting emerging businesses, increasing the working families tax credit, creating a stronger child tax credit, and reversing damaging and unlawful policies that have weakened SNAP.

  • Increasing education opportunities by investing in universal pre-k that supports learning and working mothers while investing in and ensuring equal access to more apprenticeships, internships, and job training.

  • Strengthening and improving women's safety by preventing domestic abusers from purchasing firearms, ensuring effective monitoring of abusers under court order, and promoting strong partnerships among state agencies, healthcare providers, social service providers and local law enforcement to help women and children escape dangerous relationships.

  • Improving women’s health by making affordable health care accessible to all New Mexicans through tools like a Medicaid buy in, protecting access to family planning services, and supporting access to safe and legal abortion with the repeal of archaic laws on the books that criminalize abortion in New Mexico.


“Michelle Lujan Grisham’s plan to fight discrimination and harassment in the workplace is an important step in the fight for women’s equality both in New Mexico and across our country. Michelle’s commitment to equality will make her a strong leader for all New Mexicans.” — Representative Gail Chasey

“Making healthcare accessible to all New Mexicans must be a top priority for our next governor. Michelle’s plan to improve women’s health by protecting access to family planning services and ensuring that every New Mexico woman has the ability to make her own healthcare decisions will make our families and our state stronger.” — Senator Liz Stefanics

“Gun violence tears apart too many New Mexico families and more than one in three women are victims of domestic violence. With her commitment to preventing convicted domestic abusers from purchasing firearms and improving court-ordered monitoring, Michelle will make New Mexico safer for women and their families.” — Representative Linda Trujillo

“We must make sure that women and working mothers have real opportunities to succeed and thrive.  Michelle’s plan to increase the working families tax credit and raise the minimum wage will help provide hardworking New Mexican women a clear path to prosperity.” — Representative Debbie Sariñana