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Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham’s campaign plan will create jobs and generate revenue for schools through methane mitigation by implementing a statewide methane rule that would cut waste and pollution at both new and existing oil and gas wells while creating jobs and generating revenue for schools.

“As governor, I’ll work to make New Mexico a national leader in clean energy by moving to renewable energies such as solar and wind and through innovative, smart policy and practices such as methane mitigation,” said Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham. “With an investment in our state’s energy infrastructure to capture methane, we will create jobs, increase revenue for our schools, and protect the health of workers and communities, all while reducing harmful emissions that are contributing to climate change.”

Benefits of Methane Mitigation for New Mexico:

  • New Jobs. Methane mitigation and cleaner energy production will create good new jobs in New Mexico. Jobs within the Leak, Detection, and Repair (LDAR) industry promise upward mobility, with annual salaries ranging from $27,040 to $113,110 per year.According to a report from the business consulting firm Datu Research, New Mexico is ranked #10 in the nation for jobs focused on tackling methane emissions, while Colorado ranks #3 and Wyoming #7. We can do better.
  • Millions in Revenue for our Schools. If we captured the methane currently wasted, we could produce an additional $27 million in tax and royalty revenue for the state, which can be directly invested in urgent needs like our public schools. As an example, this is enough revenue to increase state enrollment in pre-K programs by 50 percent, giving an additional 5,000 New Mexico kids access to quality early childhood education.
  • Healthier Workers and Communities. When methane is emitted, so are toxins and other smog-forming pollutants that can be a major public health hazard and lead to respiratory diseases and childhood asthma attacks. A state methane rule protects New Mexicans’ health by dramatically cutting methane leaks and pollution from other dangerous toxins also emitted during oil and gas development.
  • Combat Climate Change. Failure to capture methane is an environmental threat to our state that we can greatly reduce through methane mitigation. In 2014, scientists from NASA and the University of Michigan discovered the most concentrated plume of methane pollution anywhere in the country hovering over northwest New Mexico’s San Juan Basin. Further research from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has shown that the vast majority of this methane pollution is attributable to oil and gas development.

Some of New Mexico’s leading oil and gas producers are already taking steps to reduce their methane pollution, including major oil and gas operators like ExxonMobil, BP, and XTO Energy. The Lujan Grisham Administration will work with New Mexico’s oil and gas producers to adopt sensible mitigation technologies and practices and make our state a model for cleaner energy production. 

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