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Protecting Our Air, Land, and Water

Protecting Our Air, Land, and Water

Michelle understands that climate change is an existential threat facing our planet and we cannot kick the can down the road to future generations. Michelle has taken decisive action to protect New Mexico’s land, air, and water, and she will continue to take bold action to address the climate crisis, create clean energy jobs, and protect the Land of Enchantment’s critical natural resources. Under Michelle’s leadership, New Mexico has become a national leader in the fight against climate change and now countries across the globe are looking to New Mexico for leadership.

As one of her first acts in office, Michelle signed landmark energy legislation setting bold statewide renewable energy standards and establishing a pathway for a low-carbon energy transition. Michelle joined New Mexico to the U.S. Climate Alliance and adopted the goals of the Paris Climate Accord. Michelle also committed New Mexico to conserving 30% of all land by 2030, ensuring New Mexicans’ access to the open spaces the Land of Enchantment is known for. With every step, Michelle has protected New Mexico’s natural resources, increased access for outdoor recreation, and built the state’s climate change resilience.

  • Set bold statewide renewable energy standards
  • Established a pathway for a low-carbon energy transition
  • Went after polluters by ending routine venting and flaring
  • Committed to conserve 30% of New Mexico’s land by 2030
  • Grew New Mexico’s wind and solar economies

Protecting Our Air, Land, and Water

Throughout her tenure, Michelle has aggressively pursued polluters and established rules that will reduce harmful emissions and create even more jobs through detecting and capping gas leaks that harm our air. By adopting stringent methane reduction rules, Michelle eliminated clean venting and flaring in New Mexico and committed the state to capturing 98% of all natural gas waste by the end of 2026. Under Michelle, New Mexico now has the most controlled greenhouse and methane requirements in the country.

Michelle is putting New Mexico at the forefront of the clean energy industry that will produce good jobs and a bright future for New Mexicans. Since Michelle took office, New Mexico has more than doubled its wind energy capacity and is one of the largest economies for solar energy

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